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Episodes of Twitch City can be downloaded from http://versaphile.com/download/twitchcity.html

Twitch City was a Canadian sitcom produced by the CBC. The series aired as two short runs in 1998 and 2000. The series also aired in the United States on Bravo, and in Australia.

Set in the Toronto, Ontario neighbourhood of Kensington Market, the series is about Curtis (Don McKellar), a television addict who refuses to leave his apartment, and his friends Nathan (Daniel MacIvor), Hope (Molly Parker), and Newbie (Callum Keith Rennie). McKellar was also one of the show's creators.

The show's surreal humour was popular with critics. One Australian television critic actually called it the best television show ever made. The show was never a mainstream ratings success in Canada, although it had an extremely devoted cult following. In Australia, however, it was a smash hit.

In the first episode, Nathan is sent to prison for killing a homeless man with a can of cat food. Throughout the series, Curtis and Hope's ongoing attempts to find a new roommate provide one of the show's major plot threads. Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney also starred in the series as Rex Reilly, the Jerry Springer-like host of Curtis' favourite TV talk show. (McCulloch played Reilly in the first series, and McKinney played him in the second.

In another episode, the world is taken over by cats.

(Adapted from Wikipedia)

"After the meteor hit, the disease spread and all pet monkeys died. Without the monkeys around, people became distraught, especially the kids. So the cats were brought in to replace the monkeys, but people started blaming them, resenting the cats for what had happened to the monkeys. (beat) We beat the cats, we kicked the cats, we generally just treated them like shit. We forced them to work as our slaves. First at jobs left vacant by the monkeys: helping organ grinders... and stuff. And then any shit job that we could find: courrier, waiter, Canadian actor. Well, it wasn't long before they turned against us... (pause) ironic, isn't it?"