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twitch city dvd set :)

My copy of Twitch City on DVD arrived today, which was pretty neat! I've heard that amazon.ca's been having some trouble with the distributors, but I ordered mine from chapters.ca and they got here about a week and a half after the release on November 7th. It would appear, however, that the distributors have finally got their acts together, and the DVDs are now in stock at both the amazon and chapters sites, or that's what the people at Chapters' head office tell me anyway.

Anyway, it's a two-disc DVD set that has all thirteen episodes on it. The special features are limited: there's about five backstage photos of the two leads with Bruce MacDonald, and biographies of Don McKellar, Molly Parker and Bruce MacDonald on the second disc, and there are two episodes with commentary - i slept with my mother with Don McKellar and Daniel MacIvor, and i look like joyce dewitt with Don McKellar and Mark McKinney (which is just weird, since he wasn't even in that episode. But I digress.)

The commentaries are fun. They're actually just Don McKellar on the phone with Daniel MacIvor and Mark McKinney for the respective episodes. You get to hear about Don McKellar talk about how crazy some of his past roomates were, how much he adores/totally loves Molly Parker, how he feels about cats, how he has a Joyce Dewitt fetish, and how much he loves The Kids in the Hall. You also get to hear Daniel MacIvor talk about his gay wedding and how he thinks Callum Keith Rennie can be pretty bratty but is a really complicated and beautiful man. You also get to hear Mark MacKinney talk about what a slob and difficult but hilarious guy Bruce McCulloh is.

But I think the funnest thing for me, personally, was Don McKellar saying sheepishly how he's totally worked with most, if not all, these people since the show aired, and then he and Daniel MacIvor start to talk fondly about how it's because they're like a big wonderful family. This makes me go all warm and squishy inside because you can see how much fun they had while making this show; it really just does seem like a bunch of friends hanging out and goofing off.

Basically, the amount of bonus materials on the dvd are kind of lamesauce (unless there's a bunch of hidden stuff I don't know about), but it's still pretty fun to be able to watch the DVD quality episodes - I don't think this show will ever cease to be a lot of fun!
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