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US Amazon release...2/20/07

So (US) says that the complete Twitch City series will be available on February 20th, 2007. It's about time. I haven't seen the episodes since they were originally syndicated on US Cable via the Bravo channel. I plan on buying the complete series DVD when it comes out, I just hope it doesn't disappoint my fond memory, ya know?
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Does anyone happen to know who made this Twitch City music vid, and if it's available for download somewhere? I sent a message to the person who posted it on youtube but they never responded. Either way, if you haven't seen it yet it's very cute;

Better Together
snow falling on cedars.

twitch city dvd set :)

My copy of Twitch City on DVD arrived today, which was pretty neat! I've heard that's been having some trouble with the distributors, but I ordered mine from and they got here about a week and a half after the release on November 7th. It would appear, however, that the distributors have finally got their acts together, and the DVDs are now in stock at both the amazon and chapters sites, or that's what the people at Chapters' head office tell me anyway.

Anyway, it's a two-disc DVD set that has all thirteen episodes on it. The special features are limited: there's about five backstage photos of the two leads with Bruce MacDonald, and biographies of Don McKellar, Molly Parker and Bruce MacDonald on the second disc, and there are two episodes with commentary - i slept with my mother with Don McKellar and Daniel MacIvor, and i look like joyce dewitt with Don McKellar and Mark McKinney (which is just weird, since he wasn't even in that episode. But I digress.) more about the commenatries behind the cut; kind of spoiler-ish, maybe, i guess?Collapse )

Basically, the amount of bonus materials on the dvd are kind of lamesauce (unless there's a bunch of hidden stuff I don't know about), but it's still pretty fun to be able to watch the DVD quality episodes - I don't think this show will ever cease to be a lot of fun!
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Hey everybody!
I don't know if this isn't allowed or not, (if it isn't I'll delete it) BUT I made a community for Don McKellar. Yes, currently I am the only member, but shhh, it'll grow. Like it's father.
So yes! Here is it (don_mckellar) and please, join!
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oh my god!

Oh man, good news people!
I don't know if any of you have been listening to Don McKellar's radio show High Definition, but yesterday was the last episode. And, for the first time during it's eight week run he mentioned Twitch City. Not only did he mention it, he also said that it was going to come out on DVD soon. Soon. So now we can all stop asking.
And start waiting.


Has anyone been listening to it? Because it's good stuff. Or, was good stuff.
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